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Positive preliminary data for ProMune in lung carcinoma

ProMune is a synthetic agonist for Toll-like receptor 9 ( TLR9 ).
By stimulating TLR9, ProMune acts directly and selectively on plasmacytoid dendritic cells and B cells to reverse immune tolerance to malignant cells and to drive specific, sustained anti-tumor responses through the production of antigen specific cytotoxic T cells (CTLs) and antibodies.

ProMune has been evaluated in clinical studies involving more than 900 patients.

Promising initial anti-cancer activity without substantial additional toxicity has been observed in both solid and hematologic tumors, both as a single agent and in combination with other treatments.

Positive preliminary data from a randomized, multicenter Phase II clinical study of ProMune in the initial treatment of non-small cell lung cancer ( NSCLC ) were presented at the Keystone Symposium, “ Dendritic Cells at the Center of Innate and Adaptive Immunity: Eradication of Pathogens and Cancer and Control of Immunopathology ”.

Patients receiving ProMune plus standard chemotherapy ( Taxane and Platinum ) achieved objective ( RECIST criteria ) tumor responses more often than patients given chemotherapy alone.
The study showed a positive trend in prolongation of both progression-free survival and overall survival in combination therapy group.

Source: Coley Pharmaceutical Group, 2005